Privacy Policy

1. Organisation

Operation Childlife.

This Privacy Statement refers to our commitment to our compliance to data protection legislation including the Irish Data Protection Acts and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Our registered address is:

2. Data Protection Officer

Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted by email at

3. Information Collected

The information we collect consists of the following:

  1. Board Members
    Name, Address, Phone, Email, CV, Date of Birth, Details of other directorships, Bank account details.
  2. Volunteers
    Name, Address, Phone, Email, Passport Copy (Photo Page), Passport Details – Number, Issue Date, Expiry Date, Nationality, Country of Issue, City of Issue.
    In the case of medical/healthcare volunteers, we collect the relevant CV and Professional Licensing Number, referee details and next of kin details. Bank account details.
  3. Donors
    Name, Address, Email, Phone, Amount donated.
  4. Other contacts
    Name, Email, Phone, Organisation, Position

4. Legal Basis for Processing Data

Information is processed on the basis that consent is given by individuals who provide their data. In some circumstances there is legal requirement for governance reporting.

5. When and How Data is Collected

All data is collected electronically, via either email or online form. Data is collected for specific purposes as below:

  1. Board Members
    Data is collected for the purpose of board registration and governance reporting.
    Bank account details are collected only when a reimbursement of receipted expenses is required.
  2. Volunteers
    CV and Professional Licensing Number are collected at the time of application to become a volunteer.
    Other personal information (as cited in section 3) will be collected at the time of the first international trip. Bank account details are collected only when a reimbursement of receipted expenses is required.
  3. Donors
    Donor information is collected at the point of the first donation received from a donor.
  4. Other Contacts
    In the course of service delivery and administration

6. Data Protection

Data is protected by storing it in password protected documents.

7. Purpose for Processing Data

Data is processed for the following purposes:

  1. Board Members (To contact board members about all aspects of the organisation and governance reporting.)
  2. Volunteers
    Arranging an initial interview on application to volunteer To verify that a volunteer is properly licensed to practice To obtain the necessary licenses or permissions for a volunteer to practice at a partner hospital
    Making travel arrangements for any international trips on behalf of OCL To send information about OCL activities
  3. Donors
    To record donations made
    To acknowledge and receipt donations
    To contact donors about OCL activities and to elicit further donations
  4. Other Contacts
    To provide services and administration
    To keep them updated on the work of OCL

8. Who Information is Shared With

  1. Board Members
    Information is shared with the relevant charities regulator for the purpose of registering board members as non-executive directors/trustees of the charity and governance reporting
    Information is published on the OCL website.
  2. Volunteers
    Information is shared with Travel Agents for the purpose of arranging travel and accommodation for OCL trips.
    CV and licensing information is shared with the Board and with the clinical sites to which visits take place.
  3. Donors
    Donor information (name and/or amount donated) will be published on the OCL website and in the Newsletter provided Donors have consented to this.
  4. Other Contacts

Contact details may be shared internally for operations purposes.

9. How Long Information is Kept

  1. Board Members
    Information is kept for the duration of a board member’s tenure
  2. Volunteers
    Information is kept until a volunteer no longer wishes to participate in OCL activities. While a volunteer is active, passport information is kept until a passport expires at which point that passport information is deleted and the new one is collected.
  3. Donors
    Financial records are kept indefinitely. Contact details will be retained while a donor is active (donation made in the past three years) but will be deleted on request.
  4. Other contacts

Information is kept indefinitely but will be deleted on request.

10. How to Exercise Information Rights (Including the right to object)

Individuals have the right to decline to give consent at the point of request (please note in some cases, this may mean that they cannot participate in some or all OCL activities).

Individuals can contact the Data Protection Officer at

11. How to Lodge a Complaint

Complaints can be lodged by email to the Data Protection Officer at

12. Cookies Policy

A separate Cookies Policy can be found on the Operation Childlife website.