November 28th, 2023

Our volunteers are true superheroes! And during our November mission to Vietnam to perform complex, life saving surgeries on children there, two of our heroes were recognised as such!  Operation Childlife is delighted to designate Prof Mark Redmond and Dr Paul Oslizlok as our 2023 OCL Superheroes. Both have shown unwavering dedication to our work to save and transform the lives of children in Vietnam since our earliest days.

Pictured here, they are presented with their awards by Prof Martin Corbally(Dr), OCL Founder and Programme Director.

Prof. Mark Redmond (Consultant Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon) is the Cardiac Surgery team leader for Operation Childlife work in Vietnam. His long-term contribution has been immense, across many Operation Childlife missions, most notably, in 2010 when he opened the life-saving open-heart programme at Children’s Hospital No. 2. (CH2).  Prior to the establishment of this programme over 500 children died each year from congenital heart disease and lack of access to care.  Under Professor Redmond’s direction, two open-heart cases are performed daily at CH2 and other hospitals are now also able to provide this new service.

Dr Paul Oslizlok (Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist) is Cardiology team leader for Operation Childlife work in Vietnam .  He has also contributed greatly to the cardiac services in Children’s Hospital No. 2.  and joined Operation Childlife missions for many years.   In addition to volunteering his time on clinical missions, Dr Oslizlok joined the board of Operation Childlife in 2020 and is the Chair of the Medical Sub-Committee.