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Orthopaedic team’s trip to Dar-es-Salaam 2017.

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Report from Dr. Paula Kelly, orthopaedic surgeon, Our Lady’s Hospital for Children, Crumlin:


An OCL orthopaedic team went from Ireland to Muhumbili Hospital (MNH) in Dar-es-Salaam in early 2017. The trip went extremely well. The orthopaedic team in MNH is very well organised. It has a very large Orthopaedic Institute looking after children and adults. The paediatric orthopaedic group is headed by Dr Bryson Mcharo who is very enthusiastic , keen to learn and skilled surgically.

On the Monday we did a clinic together and confirmed which children would have surgery during the week. We did 3 days operating during which time Dr Mcharo learned how to do epiphysiodesis (“8 plates” for guided growth of lower limb deformity), talectomy for neglected clubfoot and posterior ankle release for clubfeet.

Regional anaesthesia (which was not previously performed ) was taught to the local anaesthetic team for optimal post-operative pain managment.

The team is happy that it can continue on these kinds of surgery for children in the region (and there is a hugh demand) and I am happy to continue to link in with MNH for advice via email or Whatsapp messaging. They also taught me some surgical approaches  that will be helpful back in Ireland.

They are a fantastic team and I think given the right support could progress to a well established and busy paediatric orthopaedic unit as they move to the new orthopaedic hospital in November 2017.


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